On 6 February 2024, UK IHS fees will increase by 66%
UK IHS Fee - Trisopace Overseas

On 6 February 2024, IHS fees will increase by 66%

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UK IHS Fee List - Triospace Overseas

This change will affect individuals applying for entry clearance or leave to remain in various categories, including Dependent visas, Student visas, skilled workers, spouses, partners, and dependents. However, some groups are exempt, such as healthcare workers, visitors, those applying under the EU Settlement Scheme, and Ukrainian refugees.

In accordance with the UK Immigration Rules’ paragraph 34(4), your application will be considered invalid and will not be completed if the IHS is not paid. Your application will be returned within 10 working days if it is submitted from inside the UK, and within 7 working days if it is submitted from outside the country. 

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